Dollar Maxi Pad Club Review

Dollar Maxi Pad Club, home of the monthly feminine needs subscription box.


Dollar Maxi Pad Club- is a monthly feminine products subscription box. You can build a box however you want with pads and tampons, feminine wipes, chocolate, beauty blender, and face mask, and more. They also offer kits for first period and.  postpartum package. There really is a lot to choose from.


Starts at $1.00 and builds from there.

It comes in an unmarked package, which is nice. 

I went with pads, feminine wipes, and the chocolate, blender, and face mask kit.

Regular Maxi Pads 10 Count- $3.00

They come sealed in the paper like material, which is nice that it is not plastic.

I like that they have wings. I do not like pads without them. These are the regular absorbency. They have activated charcoal that blocks odors and can reduce cramping. 

Cleansing Wipes. 10 count. $2.00

These are lightly fragranced cleansing wipes with soothing natural botanicals. These work really well and you usually only need one at a time. These are not flushable.

Blender, chocolate bar, and face mask. $6.00

This blending makeup sponge is really nice. It can be used wet or dry. I was a little hesitant trying it wet because I never used a blending sponge wet before. I tried the dry first and I LOVED it, then I tried it wet and…. I LOVED it even more!!! This is an awesome sponge.

So you can never go wrong with chocolate and I do not mean just when you have your period or going to get it, but anytime!! Full-Size bar too. I think I waited two or three days before I ate it. 

The tiger mask is to awaken, energize and tone skin. When I took this out it had a lot of product on it and I was afraid of tearing it. However, when I put it on it stayed on. Not like some masks that constantly come off at the sides, and it was an actual tiger, and yes I took a picture…. Oh and it smelled amazing too!

what a lovely pic…..

Overall Verdict:

This box that I got to make up, only cost $11.00. To me that is an amazing deal. I love that you can choose your products and you can switch it up each month. A lot of their products have their name on them, so I do not know exact retail value of most of the products, but even still you get way more than what you pay for it. The company also cares about your body, buy using products that are not harmful and to me that is worth more than anything!! I give this box a A+

What do you think of this box?

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