Knotty Knickers November 2020 Review

Knotty Knickers

Knotty Knickers

Is an online women’s underwear subscription that is Canadian-based. This subscription offers cute and sexy lingerie that is very affordable. It also offers extras such as holiday lingerie, garter sets, bralettes, etc. which range in prices that are extremely budget-friendly. Knotty Knickers lingerie is made mainly of cotton, polyester, along with spandex, and is made with liners that are 100% cotton. The sizes range from XS to 2X. The packages are as followed- The sugar and Spice package (which is mixed), the Nice Package (has no thongs) and, the Naughty Package (has thongs only).

Starts at $3.99

All Things Subscription Boxes Paid for this subscription

This month I received these three underwear. The package I received was – The sugar and Spice package

The sugar and spice package

Pink Lace thong

The first underwear I received a pink lace thong with cute black bows on each size. What I really liked about this underwear was that it fit perfectly in all the right places and the material was soft on my skin not itchy like most lace. Other underwear usually fit in one place and in another, it doesn’t. Also not to mention that the size was true to size, not too big, and not too tight.

The second underwear I received was a black lace bikini underwear. This one like the pink one has bows on each side in black. What I really liked about this underwear was even though it is not a thong it is super sexy. This one was also super soft on my skin, and the size was perfect.

Black Lace Bikini Panties

The last underwear I received this month was a dark purple bikini with black lace. What I loved about this underwear is the color and the back part which has zigzags on the top part. This underwear in specific is 100% cotton and extremely soft on my skin. Again simple but very sexy.

Purple Bikini Panties with Black Lace

Overall Verdict:

This subscription is defiantly worth the price. You received 3 high-quality underwear for $10.49 The underwear fit as it should in all the right places and the material doesn’t bother and is not itchy. The best part is that this subscription offers three different options meaning it’s perfect for everyone. I would defiantly recommend this subscription to all women, and rate it 5 out of 5. They also offer add-ons each month. Some are a one-time add on, others you can have added on every month.


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  • DO NOT ORDER!!! I subscribed and ordered additional add ones and I only received two pairs. the packaging was ripped open and I paid $5 for shipping on my order. I contacted customer service and was basically called a liar and that there was nothing they could do! Knotty Knickers just stole my money! This was a huge waste of money.


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