Monthly Baterries subscription box review

About: Monthly Batteries is a name brand battery subscription box. Each month you will receive discounted name brand batteries. There are numerous selections to choose from.

Cost: Starts at $1.31

Ships worldwide

Shipping: Starts at $3.00

I bought the 8 AAA with the 8 AA batteries for $11.00 plus $6.00 shipping

I am always running out of batteries for something and it seems to be the AA or the AAA 

I obviously did not read that they are name brand batteries, so I was surprised to see Duracell batteries show up.

Overall Verdict: At first, I thought, “what an odd subscription box.” However, for those that have children, pets, people in your life, Okay you get what I am saying, everyone could use this subscription. the overall value if the box is $21.28. I only paid $11.00. That is outstanding and everyone knows how expensive batteries can be. I also love the fact that they offer so many different types of packages so to speak. Great Job.

I give them an A+

Is this a subscription that you would try?

Comment below.

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