Ovary Reacting Review May 2019

This box was sent to us for review purposes.

About: Ovary Reacting is a period subscription box. This box focus is on the comfort food. You can also receive pads and tampons as well. There are four subscription options. When you sign up, you will be asked questions to determine what will be included in your box. 

Cost: Starts at $10.00 per month

Shipping: $11.10

Does ship worldwide

This box is called: The Works 

The cost is: $20.00 per month

Hostess Blue  Snoball. 1 count. Retail Value $2.84

I have never saw these in blue before. I only have seen these in pink, though the company makes numerous colors now. They are covered in coconut flakes and then there is a pretty thick layer of marshmallow. 

As you can see on the inside is a chocolate cake with a cream filling. I do not care for cream, but all of the other ingredients I like. Though, this is the most bizarre thing you would taste. I did not eat these as a child, though I have a had a bite of one before. To me it is a bit rubbery and I do not know how else to explain it other than it tastes fake to me. I would not want to eat a whole one of these. 

Oceans Halo Organic Sriracha Seaweed Snack. .14 oz Retail Value $9.99

There were a lot of these in the pack. Even more than is shown here.

I do like seaweed as a snack. It is all thanks to a 3rd grade teacher I had. 

These are very thin, which I liked. However, that being said I do not like spicy foods and I do not like garlic. The flavor of these were spicy, garlicky & sweet and tangy. The first thing that hit me was the spice, now I do not like spicy at all not even a little. After the spice came the garlic and it was a strong garlic to me. These were not for me. I believe someone who likes spicy foods and garlic would really enjoy these. 

Beech-Nut Quinoa Crispies. .56 oz. Retail Value $.57

Before I review products in a subscription box I do not look at ratings or the products. However with the name Beech-nut, it is a very well known baby product. Sure enough this is a toddler snack. 

It has an awesome amount of quinoa in it, which I love quinoa, but this is for your toddler to eat healthy. So, what the heck I try it. It has a lovely taste of banana, the chocolate is at the level where it should be for a child, but if you have ever tasted one of your toddler snacks, which I have before, you know that taste that child’s snacks have. This had that, but if you are looking for a healthy snack for your toddler, this would make a great one. 

Provisionaire Field Trip Pork Stick. 1 oz Retail Value $5.69

I was unsure of how this would taste, but I do like maple BBQ. However, I am not a big meat person, as I have not ate red meat since I was 14, so I have not had anything like this before. 

This was a thick piece of meat. It had an interesting taste, but I did not taste the maple BBQ. I also thought that it was too greasy for me, which is not surprising with pork. Had this been turkey, I think I would have like it a lot more. 

Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies. 1 ct. Retail Value $.33

These cosmic brownies are like heaven to me! They have a thin layer of a fudge icing and are so moist and delicious. I do really like this a lot! Good choice!

Hi-Chews Fruit Chews. 10 count Retail value $1.09

*note I put more down than what is in the picture because I ate some before I took the picture*

The four flavors of the original pack are mango, strawberry, grape, and green apple. These are gluten-free candies made in Japan. These were delicious and I could not stop eating them. I do not have a favorite, as they are all delicious.

Lindt  Lindor Truffles. 2 Count. Retail Value $.92

The piece towards the right of your screen is a dark chocolate and the one towards the left of your screen is a milk chocolate.

I am normally not a fan of dark chocolate, but these were quite tasty. They both were creamy, and melted in your mouth. Definitely not rich at all. They just were a little soft already from the heat. Definitely a nice candy to be included in the box.

Mott’s Fruit Flavored Snacks. 2 count. Retail Value  $.42

These too are a child’s snack., however I do not mind receiving these as I still do like fruit snacks.  I cannot say that they are the most healthy thing, but when I PMS-ing these are a better alternative than what I would normally be eaten.

Snickers Fun Size. 4 count. Retail Value $.47. 

* note I had one before the picture was taken.*

The snickers fun size candies are one of my favorites!!

If you have never had a snickers before it has peanuts caramel and nougat inside. I actually do not like caramel, but I love these. 

Summer’s Eve Aloe Love Cleansing Cloth. 2 count. $.41

I really like these cloths. I feel as those they give me a fresh cleaning.

Even though you are supposed to use unscented regular cloths, these are still my favorite. 

Stayfree Regular Pads with Wings. 8 count. Retail Value $1.84

I have never used Stayfree pads before. For me that were way too thick and uncomfortable. Yes, I got my period right after receiving this box. Even on my regular days they were too big of a pad. Now I am at the beginning stages of menopause, so my periods are not normal, but as far as comfort they were too thick.

Always Radiant Flex Foam.  5 count. Retail Value $2.40

I love the flex foam technology and I really like them in a pad. They absorb and hold more than you would think. I was very pleased when I received these.

Overall Verdict: The total retail value of this box is $26.97. Considering that majority of the box was snacks that is not a bad retail value. So, when I received this box I was very excited and things seemed to be really great and in fact I let the company know this. Though upon going through everything, I have a different view. First, $11.10 for shipping is way too much. I understand if they want to ship worldwide, but then they need a separate shipping rate for outside of the country. Secondly, the box needs to be smaller. It is too large for its contents, and they also had an outer bag on the box. Those three things should lower shipping quite a bit. As far as product goes. I do not understand why there was a toddler snack in the box. These should be for adults and they should be snacks that most adults would enjoy. As for the pads, I am unsure why there is two different companies. Ovary Reacting needs to set up with a company and stick with the same brand. I did not hate the box, I just think that a lot of things were not thought through prior to launch. I think that this could be a really great box. 

I gave this box a B-

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