Quote Jar Curator Review

Quote Jar Curator- Is a monthly delivery of three inspiring quotes from varied and wide-ranging sources. Quotes will be printed on beautiful luxury paper. Included in each month’s delivery will be a unique blank card with which to take action based on your impressions from the month’s quote selection. Place your growing quote collection in a beautiful jar in your home for random inspiration whenever the mood strikes. 

Cost: Starts at $5.50 per month

Ships Worldwide.

In your first box you’ll receive this beautiful welcome/idea letter.

Here are the three quotes

My favorite quote is the last one pictured. It is a great reminder each day. I would say the RV $6.00

Chill Magnet included as well. RV $1.50

Hello Blank Card. RV $3.50

This is a great card to send to someone happy mail. I like the idea of getting back to sending cards to others, and one card is included in each box.

Harney & Sons Lemon Herbal Tea RV $.24

Bigelow Orange & Spice Tea RV $.19

The lemon Herbal tea was delicious. I added raw honey to it and it made it that much better. I like that it is caffeine-free, so that I can drink it at night.

I don’t care for orange flavored things or the spice that was in this tea. If you enjoy citrus flavors with that spiced flavor you would love this. I like that this is caffeine-free too.

Overall Verdict- I guesstimated the retail value of this box to be about $11.43, which is double the cost of what you pay. This is a subscription that is great for self-esteem, and to think more deeply. You can also send out the quotes to those that need them. I also love that they include a card in every box. The other extra stuff is a nice added touch. I am very pleased with this subscription.

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