Shop Some Of Cratejoy’s New Subscription Boxes

1. Sips By- Personalized Tea Discovery

Sips By- is a personalized multi-brand tea subscription box. Each month you will receive 4 different teas based upon the tea quiz that you will take, so that the box is personalized to you. You have the option of bagged tea, loose leaf tea or a combination of both. You also can choose between caffeinated or decaf-tea. 

Cost- starts at $15.00 

Free shipping to the U.S.

2. BizyWoman Box- Self Care Subscription Box

BizyWoman Box- is a seasonal self-care and lifestyle subscription box. There are two subscription options to choose from. The box may include, but is not limited to bath and body, candles, jewelry and accessories, stationery, productivity tools, snacks, and more. 

Cost: starts at $57.95 every 3 months

Ships to U.S.

3. Crazy Cat Crates

Crazy Cat Crates- is a cat and human subscription box. Each month you will receive 6-9 items including cat toys and treats, and gifts for their human. 

Cost: starts at $39.99 per month

Free shipping to the U.S. 

4. ForensiKit by Crime Scene

ForesniKit- is a subscription box in which you will learn about forensic science and its methods. You will have hands-on experiences like fingerprinting, collecting shoe prints and more. You will have the opportunity to use the same tools as the pros to detect the presence of blood and identify suspects. Your first box will come with a free one year subscription to their online detective game. 

Recommended for ages 16+

Cost: starts at $39.99 per month

ships worldwide

5. Wild-Spirit-Box

Wild-Spirit-Box- is an earth friendly, healthy subscription box, that loves organic items. Each month you will receive 5-7 items that may include, but are not limited to the following, earrings, essential oils, incense, candles, soaps, lotion, sunscreen, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, handmade items and more. 

Cost: starts at $37.00 per month

ships worldwide

6. Sweet Elizabeth

Sweet Elizabeth- is a kids themed baking quarterly subscription box where you will bake deserts and create edible masterpieces. You can except to receive decorating tutorials, specialty ingredients and supplies, recipe cards and printables. The box will contain several different activities. 

Cost: $39.99 every quarter

Ships worldwide

7. The Giving Wick

The Giving Wick- Is a monthly candle box. There is three different subscription options that you have to choose from. The sample box will get you four candles per month, and as you go up the level in subscription options the more that you will receive. 

Cost: starts at $25.00

Ships to the U.S. & Canada. 

8. Nurse Care Crate

Nurse Care Crate- is a nurse subscription box for yourself or a special nurse in your life. Your first box will be their box of favorites. Each month features a theme centered around relaxation, pampering and nurse humor. 

Cost: Starts at $29.99 per month.

Ships worldwide. 

9. Loti Wellness Self-Care Box for your mind, body and soul

Loti Wellness Self-Care Box- is a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly self-care, wellness and mindfulness subscription box. You will receive 5-8 items per box that relate to those three. Also, you will receive therapeutic activities and guided materials based on the theme for your box. 

Cost: starts at $49.45 CAD per month

Ships worldwide.

10. Penny + Grace

Penny + Grace- is a jewelry subscription box. Each month you can expect to receive three coordinating pieces, in your choice of color. You also have the option of 18 K yellow gold and 18 K rose gold. Your jewelry comes in a faux leather pouch. 

Cost: $24.99 per month

Ships worldwide.

11. Fresh Baked Cookie Crate

Fresh Baked Cookie Crate- is a baking cookie subscription box. Each month you will receive Pre-measured ingredients to bake your own cookies. There will be easy to follow instructions included. Included will also be at least $50 worth of cookielicious surprises and gifts. 

Cost: starts at $30.00 per month

Ships to the U.S.

12. Rainbow Box Kids

Rainbow Box Kids- is a kids cosmetic subscription box. There are no toxic ingredients and the cosmetics are free of parabens, phthalates, fragrance, sulfate, talc, and over 30+ toxic ingredients. 

Cost: $39.99 bimonthly 

ships worldwide. 

13. Guide Dots

Guide Dots- is a kids art box. You can choose from ages 4-6 or 7-9. Your child will receive paper with dots and an online tutorial. You can expect to receive the following, but not limited to full-size art supplies, tutorials, reusable projects, paced learning and an evolving curriculum.

Cost: starts at $30.00 per month

Ships worldwide. 

14. Peaceful Play Box

Peaceful Play Box- is a S.T.E.A.M. subscription box for kids ages 3-7. This is a quarterly subscription box. The box may contain, but is not limited to the following, books, toys, projects and sensory tools for kids to create. Each box will also contain 10 weekly setups for the adult. 

Cost: $99.00 every 3 months

Ships to the U.S.

15. Sips by Steep Society 

Sips by Steep Society- is a Pre-selected tea subscription box. Each box will contain 4 premium teas, a mixture of bagged and loose leaf tea. The loose leaf tea comes with muslin and their paper tea bag kit. It will be a mixture of caffeine and decaf tea. You will also receive instructions on each tea and brewing instructions. 

Cost: $15.00 per month

Ships worldwide

These are just some of the new boxes, there are many more. Check them out on Cratejoy. 

This post may contain referral/affiliate links. 


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