Socks Matter Review May 2019

About: Socks Matter is a sock subscription box for both men and women. Each month you will receive two pairs of socks. You can customize your box with the following options: crew socks, no-show socks, or ankle socks. 


$12 per month

$36.00 every 3 months

$66.00 every 6 months

$120.00 every 12 months

Shipping: Free to the U.S.

$4.00 to other countries

I received ankle socks and crew socks. 

This box was sent to All Things Subscription Boxes for review purposes.

The tags will come off in one moment. I do want to say that the first thing I noticed about these socks, besides the obvious is the color. I love this color of purple.

I call these funky cats. They have very little ears at the top on both sides of each sock. I LOVE these socks and was so excited to get these.

The bottoms are the pretty violet color. 

I put them on and they were extremely comfortable. They are not a thick sock, more on the thinner side. Perfect for the upcoming season of summer. 

Here you can see the little ear. So I took them off after taking the picture wanting to save these for another day. Later on I had showed them to my grandmother, my Nan, and of course she loved them too. She is a very hip grandmother. Naturally I gave them to her. So now she gets to enjoy the funky cat socks!

These are the crew socks. I love the design on them. I personally would not think to put these colors together, however, they go really well with each other. 

As you can see, these are a longer sock. 

These are great socks as well!  These are a little thicker than the funky cat ones but not by much and I definitely would not call it a thick sock. I do not care for thick socks, so these are actually perfect for me in the winter with my boots. 

I gave this box a A+

What do you think about this box? 

Comment below.

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