Succulents Box Review

Succulents Box- is a succulent and air plant subscription box. There are numerous choices of boxes to select from. The succulents are all at least 2″ in size. This is a monthly subscription box.

Cost- starts at $4.75 per month

Ships to the U.S. only.

I thought I would give myself a plant to try one last time to keep alive. This came very well packaged, but I felt that it wasn’t at its best shape when I opened the box, however that could just have been me. It is a very cute plant and I can see how someone who can take care of plants would love this.

The box came with instructions, but…. me being me did not follow the instructions at all. I thought that I could do it my way. Had I followed the instructions I would have had nowhere to put the plant to have it be in 50-55 degree weather.

So yes, it did not take me long to kill this plant to. They do sell airplants, but oh my goodness I cannot even keep them alive.

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Overall Verdict- I only paid $4.75 for this succulent because I did not want to go with the larger box of 4 succulents and thank goodness I didn’t. If you someone who is good at taking care of plants and giving them the proper care, this subscription box would be perfect for you. I am more disappointed in myself. It was not the companies fault. The only thing I wish is that they would have their instructions listed somewhere before buying them, so you know if it is the right season for you to purchase. The quick dying of this plant was my fault and my fault alone.

Are you good at taking care of plants and do they last long for you?


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