The 2019 Spring Erin Condren Seasonal Surprise Box Review

About: The seasonal surprise box is a hand-picked assortment of sneek peeks, exclusives, and best-selling items. A $60+ value.

Cost: $35.00

Shipping: Free to the U.S.

In the picture above is the front of this card where the items that are included in the box are talked about. Here on the back, the items are shown and the retail value and description of each item are shown. I like when companies include these. 

The theme of this box is Splash of Color.

All things subscription boxes paid for this box.

Before I get to the items, this coupon was also enclosed in the box. It is 20% your next coiled notebook.

Moving on to the items.

Interchangeable Metallic Quote Cover Retail Value $8.00

This is the backside. These are to change the cover of your journal. You can write on these with markers, not permanent. 

There were two of the covers enclosed in the box. I will show you the backside of this one in two pictures down. 

Dual-Tip Marker Set. Retail Value $10.00

As promised, the back of the other quote cover. I liked that it is lined. These markers are perfect for these covers. I did try and write on the inside of my coiled notebook. I was a little disappointed as the marker came off on the front page. I did let it sit for a few minutes, but I do not know if I let it sit long enough, or if that is just what happens. 

10 Color Skinny Paper Tape Set. Retail Value $6.00

I love this tape! I use it in my planner when I plan out my week. Oddly enough, a few weeks after I received my box an email came through with a coupon. Here the company claimed that they were not satisfied with the quality of the tape. I honestly do not know what their issue with the tape is, but I do not see one. 

Sticker Sheet Duo. Retail Value $7.00

To me between the top and bottom sheets of stickers, there are a lot of extremely odd shaped ones that are not large enough for me to write things on. I have fairly larger handwriting and I find it difficult to use the majority of the stickers. I do like the ones that have writing on them already. I prefer pre-written stickers for my planners anyhow. They are very nice stickers though. 

StylizedSticky Note Booklet. Retail Value $14.00

I imagine that these are to be used in a planner, though again my handwriting would be eligible should I write on these. Instead what I use these for is to mark my pages in my college textbooks. As an adult learner, I feel I need to be more resourceful and subscription boxes sometimes allow for that to occur. 

Mid-Century Circles Umbrella. Retail Value $28.00

This umbrella is lovely! It is particularly easy to use, which I love. The colors are so beautiful. I do believe that this is the most colorful umbrella that I have ever owned. 

Overall Verdict: The total retail value of this box is $73.00. That is more than double the cost! This was the first time that I had tried this box, so I was unsure of what to expect. To be honest I was a little disappointed. I was thinking that it would be more planner type items, which yes there is a lot of that, but I was just thinking other than what was received. I do like a few of the items, but this box was not my style. I love all the bright colors and I would have to say that the umbrella is awesome! The 2019 summer box is out now, however they are out of stock and I do not know if they are going to be getting more in stock or not. Keep checking back if you are interested. 

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